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Medicine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Individual, 2-hour, in person sessions with Cannabis or Ketamine (only after preparatory session)





Prep/Integration Psychotherapy

Individual, 1 hour, face to face or telehealth for preparation, and/or processing previous medicine-assisted psychotherapy experiences



Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Individual, 1 hour, face to face or telehealth sessions for general psychotherapy, cultivating awareness, safety, and trust, as well as DBT-based skill building.


Medicine-Assisted Psychotherapy

This innovative therapy uses expressive medicines such as ketamine and cannabis in conjunction with somatic-based, trauma work. These medicines allow us access into the unconscious/subconscious mind to gain a deeper understanding of the issues going on in our lives and allows us to explore the root causes/ underlying causes of these issues. This allows us to have a symptom resolution focus, rather than a symptom management focus. Using small amounts of these medicines allows oneself to gain access to the pre-frontal cortex. which is the thinking/logical mind now, as well as access to the subconscious/unconscious. 



Prep/Integration Sessions

Before moving forward with medicine-assisted work, preparatory sessions are used to gain a deeper understanding of the modality, as well as learning more about how our nervous system, body, and mind react when certain memories, stimuli, or  life events are discussed. These prep sessions are also a crucial time to build a safe, trusting, therapeutic relationship with the therapist. 

Integration sessions can be helpful to process intense sessions or experiences. These can help gain perspective, meaning, safety, and clarity. 



Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy provides emotional support while emphasizing non-judgement, awareness of the present moment, an exploration of our thoughts, how they affect our behavior, as well as our emotional, physical, and psychological health. This approach can be useful in finding the root causes of our symptoms, while working on both short and long-term goals.

I also incorporate DBT, psychoeducation, and skills-based work in a more traditional therapeutic sense. 

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