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Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy focusing on symptom resolution from trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction in Golden, CO
Get back into the Flow of Life!
About Conscious Flow Psychotherapy

     Gabe is a somatic-based trauma therapist that graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Clinical Counseling. He previously worked as a psychotherapist specializing in addiction and trauma within the criminal justice system, running both group, and individual sessions.

     Gabe led a high-risk Men's CBT Trauma Group, as well as a relapse prevention DBT/Mindfulness Group in Boulder, Colorado before training with, and then joining the Innate Path Medicine-Assisted Psychotherapy team in 2019. Gabe opened his private practice, Conscious Flow Psychotherapy, LLC, while co-founding the Nirodha Therapy Group in November 2020 with Aleya Littleton. Gabe believes that these medicines are, and will continue to play a huge role in transforming psychotherapy, helping people heal and understand themselves at a deeper level. This can allow our authentic selves to run the show, heal, and flourish. Using medicines - such as Ketamine and Cannabis - in conjunction with cutting-edge modalities/treatments, outdoor/nature therapy, nutrition, and  emphasizing on strengthening connection with one's self and community provides each client the best opportunity for healing and growth. 

My approach is shaped by a non-judgment, non-shaming, client-led perspective. My expertise is in mindfulness-based, somatic trauma work, and the symptoms that commonly arise following trauma(s), event(s), or issue(s). These symptoms commonly manifest as anxiety, depression, isolation, addiction, suicidality, and work/relationship issues. I incorporate mindfulness as a foundation to help increase awareness of what is currently happening in the mind, body, subconscious, and unconscious. Using this foundation and emphasizing an open, trusting, feedback-oriented therapeutic relationship, clients can begin to understand the root of their issues. I was trained in Trauma Dynamics and use the most cutting-edge modalities and tools, such as cannabis and ketamine, in conjunction with therapy to access both the unconscious/subconscious as well as the prefrontal cortex. This allows clients to understand how things under the surface or past events might be affecting their body and mind in the now. 
Rock Balancing
Integration Sessions
Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy
Cannibis-assisted Psychotherapy
Meditation by the Sea
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